I looked out of my window

and there quite happily

among the doves

a grey squirrel on its

haunches , bushy tale straight up

picked up corn pieces put them

with his little hands

into its mouth and ate,

its eyes roaming quickly around

always ready for danger,

mainly from cats.

The scene was relaxing

of great peace and tranquility,

but the eyes darted and a cat came

through the foliage

creeping; ready to pounce,

there was a whoosh,

as the doves flew off,

and the squirrel sprung

into action racing up the tree.

It reminded me of the horrors

that were being perpetuated

in Paris and other parts of the world,

and I was saddened by peoples ability

to perpetrate such acts of hatred

upon each other, and the lack of God’s

love and peace in the world.


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