A snake came by.

I walked out in the open fields

of Tokai forest today,

admiring all the pink, yellow and orange flowers,

which bowed their heads happily

in the strong South-Wester,

and even the river, which is often dry,

gurgled pleasingly along its path:

A flash movement brought me out of

my revering, and I stood still;

watching as a meter long snake,

crossed my path, stopped looked at me,

as I looked nervously back; slowly

the snake glided over the path,

into a bush;

I gave it a wide birth, walking onto the grasses on the other side of

the path, keeping a eye out for the dark brown snake, probably a harmless mole snake, but then who wants to take a chance.

I walked on, warned a young couple with a young daughter about the snake,

then carried on, realizing, that the snake had its part to play in

nature,  and our getting rid of snakes

is one of the factors bringing imbalances into the world,

making our world that much

more out of balance;

so I was pleased that I had seen

the snake, had left it to

carry on, and keep our

environment in good health.


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