A dream of waiting.

Waiting in this frantic space

of quiet and thought;

nothings changing,

the world goes on,

the page still reads “Title”,

the cursor still blinks,

but now I see the words

are forming, the idea is growing,

but still I wait as the universe

is discussed in detailed negotiations;

the page fills with anxieties,

I cannot look,

as the page fills with awkward

verses about this troubled world,

the need for peace,

the need for new ways,

the search for understanding,

realizing how difficult these upheavals

are for society,

then I danced a mile

with my struggling imagination

towards a peaceful space.


8 thoughts on “A dream of waiting.

  1. “then I danced a mile

    with my struggling imagination”
    Love the image of creativity dancing amongst the trials of writing, as well as the idealized hope of the writer’s imagination leading to the realization that society may never see its own flaws and find peace. Reminded me of Lennon’s Imagine. Nice ink

    • Thanks Ashleigh, I love Lennon’s Imagine, but being a spiritual person, I struggle with his line about no religion. I enjoyed writing the poem, and getting into the imagery, it seems o work quite well when I write at between 2 and three in the morning, though some times I fall asleep with my head on the keyboard and no poem eventuates. Enjoyed 2 poems on your blog, so am now following your blog, thanks for reading and liking and commenting on mine Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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