Bird songs.

There are birds singing in my head,

but no, they are in the trees,

it is after 2 in the morning

so they are definitely in my head,

spinning as bits of music played

with passion and attention to detail,

and floats through my meandering mind

onto the slow reduction of nature

to discs of pleasure

ends of species

global warming

and hatred between peoples.

I put on a new CD that plays

on the peace and oneness

of all mankind,

and know that the birds are singing

peacefully in the trees.


I bought a CD of the piano music of Olivier Messiaen; featuring the Catalogue D’oiseaux (1956-58) books 1-3 played by Peter Hill. A wonderful recording of part of this seminal work, in which Messiaen, works the calls of various birds into a tapestry of music depicting the surroundings of the particular bird.


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