What’s your word for 2016?

What a wonderful idea for the yearn to come, and so well set out, read it and enjoy!

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I saw an news story last week about a company posting a challenge, pick one word representing your life or the positive changes you want to happen over the next year.  It can only be one word, and this word becomes your focus for the new year.  Their website sells jewelry as a trendy reminder of your commitment and they offer other products for inspiration.

positive 5I like this idea, and it has roots in the older practice of Buddhism and different forms of yoga and meditation.  For the past few years every morning before getting out of bed, I pick a mantra.  A positive word or a phrase to think about daily.  I write it on my apple-shaped chalkboard in the kitchen as a reminder.  I find myself repeating some basic mantras.

gratefulDuring the holidays, grateful comes up often. I am grateful for…,  I insert different things throughout the day.  Thankful and blessed, also flood my…

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