Walking in the Rain

Here is an uplifting story, very well told, please read it and enjoy it.


Sometimes I forget about the life I once lived. The life I was trapped in eight years ago when I was in the depths of anorexia.

But even though I write about my recovery and the freedom I’ve been given and found in my new life, I don’t really confront or think about that dark period of my life. I focus on the good.

And being in Manhattan is really a big contributing factor of that. It’s been a fresh start for me. A clean slate. A place where there are no shadows from the past following me around. It’s been instrumental to my recovery in a lot of ways.

So, really, my past and my present have never really collided. At least not in this new place I’m in. Not in New York.

Until this weekend.

When I think back to high school, which was when my anorexia developed, if…

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