David Bowie’s Blackstar

Some of the best for last, this is a wonderful piece, with a great commentary on it.


The video to David Bowie’s “Blackstar” overpowered me immediately when it was released on 19 November last year. It is a visual poem and a symbolic feast. Despite the iconic yellow smiley face flashed at the viewer at the very beginning of it, it penetrates deep. The solar eclipse from the opening scene brought to mind the alchemical Black Sun, associated with death and putrefaction. The nigredo or the black stage in alchemy is the chaotic state in which all elements are separated and swirling around in a dance of creation and destruction. During the solar eclipse, when our star turns black, the ego becomes overshadowed and must yield its power to the serpentine forces of chaos and death. In the opening scenes, we see the “Starman” who has left his mortal coil; yet later we find out that his skull is encrusted with jewels. A beautiful woman, majestically swinging…

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