The Doors live.

Rattling, tat, tat,

the rhythm is up,

the guitar is screaming

the keyboards giving vision

and the voice comes booming through,


as the four figures trip the light fantastic;

the crowd roars back

through a smoky delirium,

edging towards a new world,

and the singer stopped;

shouted “wake up”,

and we saw what a sorry world we lived in.


2 thoughts on “The Doors live.

    • I have only seen him live on film. Jim was a film major, and with his friend Liesandros (spelling!) made a series of movies about the doors, including live footage. I have seen some of this, and based the poem on that, as I was only 12 when Jim died. The poem came to me as I got into conversation with one of my followers, who called herself the Lizard King, which go me into the mood for the poem. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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