Birthday wish.

The moon is not quite full,

and it seems that full moon

has returned so fast,

as the clouds shift perceptively

in the cool lighted sky,

and I sit on my hard chair,

thinking it is a special day,

it is my new year,

and positivism flows from the

speeding recesses of my mind

as the second fly away,

and I wonder what is it I can do;

so I write under the light of the

faltering moon:

I wish that we could all find love,

understanding, courage,

that special strength and togetherness

that could slow the clock,

appreciate the moon,

the clouds,

the beauty to beheld

on our wonderful planet,

and to able to change together,

to such an extent as

to save our planet

and bring peace and unity

to us all,

so we can live in harmony

with ourselves and the natural world.

So that is my birthday wish for you all.



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