Symphonic construction.

Mighty throbbing pulses,

lay waste our world,

are we the destroyers or the destroyed?


I was listening to Shostakovich’s mighty 7th symphony, The Leningrad, which follows the destruction of the city, first by Stalin, who liquidated many thousands in the city, and followed by the German siege of the city. The last strokes of the symphony ( the mighty throbbing pulses are very bleak, and lead to the idea behind the poem.


8 thoughts on “Symphonic construction.

    • Thanks reading and commenting, the music is very moving, so in a way the poem had to be moving as well. This Haiku; not a traditional one with the 12 syllables, is really an word collage, with the first two lines being one micro poem, and the 3 line being another, and put together to form one good poem. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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