A walk in the park.

The river still runs,

the scrubby bushes are dry,

nothing is flowering

in this great heat,

but in the corner of this wild area

are hundreds of bouquets

of flowers, prayers, thoughts

and poems dedicated to a life

cut tragically short,

in the midst of this dry beauty,

where the river still flows

despite the heat and dryness.



A teenager was walking with her family in Tokai park (about 5 minutes walk from where I live) she decided to jog, and never met up with her parents and sister. The Tokai neighborhood watch was alerted and soon had a lot of people out searching, they soon found the body. The poor girl had been raped and killed. Four men have been arrested and charged with her death. There have been several vigils, and walks in remembrance of her. It caused, as it should have done, a huge outcry, but it was one case of many. It seems that a women is raped in this country every seventeen seconds; how truly terrible.


2 thoughts on “A walk in the park.

    • Yes, thanks for reading, it is a tragic story, and our community here is still reeling from it. One keeps on hoping that these stories will bring an end to all this, but it just does not.

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