Green pastures.

Nodding off into infinite green pastures;

soul sounds on a cow hide drum,

bring me back onto my hard chair,

typing a rhythm in the midnight hour,

wondering how green,

our wonderful earth will be,

after the bombs and the poisons

have had their say,

but our soul music draws us together

in a spiritual dance towards peace,

singing of the love of all mankind,

brings us hope;

helps us cope with

this heavy load,

and turn our backs,

on war  and greed,

walking in infinite green pastures.


The lyrics in this poem, are loosely taken from George Harrison’s song  “Give me love (give me peace on earth).


2 thoughts on “Green pastures.

  1. I used to believe that. I want to believe that. All I see is we have hit the tipping point and I don’t know if we can come back from what we have done. The people in charge don’t care about anything but money and power. Your poem is beautiful and even more so because it reminds me of a time when I believed that we could find out way back.

    • My heart is filled with tears, as I am sure you are right, but there has to be hope, for without hope there is only a black whole of nothingness. Politics is truly diseased, and needs to be cut out of the future of the world, so that the world can survive. Greed is indeed killing us all, and the world with it. Lets have a little old Rock and soul music, rather than the rhythmic “product” that comes out now. Let us leave the war paint from our faces, promote peace, tolerance and peace gardens. Let us choose survival and love over destruction, hatred and death. Thanks for the comment, and I wish you even more blessings in this dark hour.

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