The dream.

There is the beauty;

the green rolling hills,

the dancing rivers,

the Acacia trees dotting the landscape;

then there is the horror

of the creeping greed,

that wants to use this land,

poison it,

extract from it,

use up all the water,

and ones heart fills with tears,

and ones mind drifts into

the dream of peace and tranquility,

of saving our earth,

of having open hearts,

filled with peace and love,

with the beauty of the  green valley

the dancing water,

and the dotted Acacia trees.


3 thoughts on “The dream.

    • Thanks for the comment Jazz, I wrote it as an answer and testament to another blog follower, who has a very negative outlook on the future, and that is all too easy in these days. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Pleasure, I enjoy pointing pictures with words, if you listen to the music of Schubert you will find an underlying sadness under the wonderfully melodic and beautiful music. 🙂

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