Thoughts of a walking man.

Give me no sweet smelling roses now,

rather give me wild meadow plants,

and brambles with succulent fruits to eat,

that I can imagine walking through

the wilds, being at one with myself

in natures beauty, rather than

have a modified sweat looking

beauty to look at all day long.

Let me reach beyond these walls

to the great outdoors, while it is still

out there and pristine,

let me walk up the mountain

follow the rivers, visit the vleis,

listen to the lonely goshawk

calling for his mate with

the high pitched whistle

of  sadness, at the sprawl

taking away our ecosystem.


17 thoughts on “Thoughts of a walking man.

    • Thanks, others found it a bit bleak, but then we live in a rather unsettling times. Imagine some one like Trump becoming a President … I fear for the world, but maybe I am just trying to get people working towards a better world, and that includes me. I have just read two excellent poems on your blog, and yes I strongly believe, that without true parity between men and women, the woes of this world will continue, so well done on that poem. Thanks for the comment, best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

      • Charles, I love bleak anyway but I didn’t come away feeling it was at all (bleak). Unsettling reminders are truths♡

      • and truths are all to necessary at the moment. Just read your about page, so see that bleak is up your street. Strange how poems come in bursts on the same subject, and then just as suddenly on to something else, but have been worried about the state of the world, right from my earliest existing poem called extinction, written back in 1974, which I blogged at the beginning of this blog about 2 years ago.

      • Thanks, and thanks for all the likes, midnight has just tolled , so time to stoke up the imagination, do some writing and wend off to sleep.

    • Yes I seem to have hit a rather down period, but I am basically still a happy positive person. Maybe it is just to motivate people including myself to do more, to improve our future.

      • I think a lot of us are in that down period. The world is so wrapped up in selfless and their phones I don’t know if they even think about what’s going on, let alone what they can do about it. That’s why I feel down and kind of hopeless. The kids I see, don’t have a clue and they don’t care. I don’t know what kids are like anywhere but here but that’s how it is. So many groups that worked for social justice don’t even meet in person, it’s all so impersonal, done on line. You can’t change things like that. you need that physical bond, that sense of working together. I don’t see a happy future. I hope I’m wrong, but what a shock it’s going to be for those people who think everything is okay.

      • They are probably the ones who think it is a good thing that National Geographic was bought out by Rupert Murdoch. Phones and computers have their place, and have worked very well in protest action in the resent passed, but I think people over use them, so that instead of being a very good tool to improve communication, they have become a tool of anonymity, and a way to make everything impersonal and uncaring, which is not what the world needs right now. There are people still tying and sending love and togetherness out into the world, unfortunately we do not really get to hear about them, but small beginnings have great endings, sometimes, and I’m hoping this is one of them.

  1. I think we don’t hear about the good things because that news would have to come from a press owned by grassroots organizations. The media that is thrown at us is owned by people who sell war, shootings, violence of any kind and they try and put fear into the hearts of the people so they can manipulate them into giving up their freedom. Yes, I agree, that computers are fabulous and have improved communication. The thing is, people are more likely to do things for people they know, rather than someone on the internet. If you’re working together, in person, people tend to continue, after the march or the sit-in. It’s been shown that that’s not the case with just signing up to meet in a certain place, march and then go home. It’s impersonal and doesn’t create the bonds. There’s no conversation, no friendships made. I don’t really think it matters at this point. I think the only thing that can stop what’s happening is a revolution and no one wants to bother. I think TV and constant media is the drug of the masses that Orwell envisioned. Big Brother should be promoted to GIGANTIC BROTHER because he is everywhere. He’s reading this.

    • Alas, he is, and yes all the wrong people own the media. I have always held that our society, culture and politics need to change, after all they run on philosophies that were written over 300 years ago. We need to change so many things, and quickly too. I feel that the youth here is looking for something else, and do care about the world, though when I go to meetings or protests it is always the same few people that pitch up, we are like a family now.

      • Hi Sylvia, thanks for the comment, my wife Genevieve, says this is one of her all time favorites of mine, and i enjoyed writing it, before now I had two comments both one word each, the first was “beautiful”, and the second “bleak!”, well I ques you can’t win them all. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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