The Hard rains are going to fall.

It seems that the hard rains

are going to fall,

we are entering the mire,

of people talking about

yet more total war;

yet more American poisons

being forced on poorer countries;

it seems the earth is trembling,

signing its last great pangs,

as it awaits the hard rains of ruin.

then there will just be you and me my dearest

hugging, and struggling together through,

the dark winter blight,

with our love to pull us through to the new dawn.



8 thoughts on “The Hard rains are going to fall.

    • Thanks Tosha, I added the end on a few minutes after I thought the poem was finished, as it just seemed way to bleak. I wrote the poem in response to hearing that Trump had won the Republican nomination, it makes me shudder! Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Yes. I know. I would say there’s no chance he’ll become president but eveytime I’ve counted him out, he’s proven me wrong. Meh. Anyway, we survived Baby Bush, we’ll survive Trump, need be. Thank God for check and balances though. I also don’t think he’s as hardcore nuts as he appears to be. I think he’s pandering to a certain sector of idiots. Who knows though. It’s all nuts!

      • Nuts is right, lets hope if he wins not to nuts, especially for the world at large, as it seems to be suffering enough, with out a nut in power! Enjoy the weekend, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Very sad, and to think a swag like Trump, could become your next President ( I shudder). I added the ending on as an afterthought, as it seemed so bleak other wise. Thanks for the comment,best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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