Happy Souls.

The clouds drift listlessly over the far mountains,

the sun warms the moist ground,

the smell of these new rains invades my senses

and the warmth draws me out,

to admire how the mountains stand out supreme,

filling the warmth with passion

for the beauty to beheld on our earth,

and you smile at me,

warming me still more,

I smile and laugh,

taking your hand,

and gently pulling you into a hug,

sharing a kiss,

just looking out at the beauty

and being happy souls together.


3 thoughts on “Happy Souls.

    • Thanks, I liked this poem a lot, but it seems most of my followers didn’t as it has the least likes of any blog I have done, so it is wonderful that you liked it enough to comment, it means a lot, so thanks once again, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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