How long?

The great wind blew over the sea,

covering our mountains in a pall

of grey clouds, which scud over the sky,

but no rain fell, as we all waited in a thrall;

looking up I saw floating wearily among

the brooding clouds,

a huge dark presence,

looking down keenly on the waiting world,

it circled,

came lower,

so one could see the cruel hooked beak

and the strong yellow talons,

ready to catch and tear its prey,

it skimmed low over the road,

swooping into the bushes,

then landed deftly on a sturdy branch of a tree,

surveying all with its, fiery eyes,

not heading the changes going on around it,

looking eagerly for some prey,

but not realizing that the changes made by man,

were driving out the prey,

were boxing nature into sickly small

parcels of ground,

evening driving away the need rain,

and I wondered,

how much longer can this huge

bird last in this flat changing,

much polluted territory

it reigns over?


2 thoughts on “How long?

  1. Sad…the way things have gone….tear up natures’ habitats and complain that animals are invading “our space.” Maybe someday, the great predator will swoop down and feast on the humans who took away their home.

    • Would be a fine day, but mostly nature ends up having to adapt to humans, rather than the other way around. It is amazing to see these great huge birds come visit a small garden and land in a tree to watch their world. Perhaps one is lucky to live in a built up area where one still sees sights like this. Thanks for the comment, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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