The song of love.

Some day the sun is going to shine,

some day the rains are going to fall,

the winds will blow and the moon will shine,

but will we be filled with joy,

will we love our selves,

will we love our world,

all the peoples

plants and animals living on it:

When we can get to that

and say I love you my dearest,

I love the world and even my self,

but especially you,

one can see the sun shining,

the soft breeze soothing all

the woes of the world,

pollution slowly disappearing,

animals and plants slowly beginning

to coexist with man,

and people helping each other

through the tenderness of the moon and stars,

and the rains bringing back the greenery

and smiles all around as we learn to love ourselves and others,

then the sun will shine,

the rains will fall,

and the light of the moon

will catch me saying I love you so much.


7 thoughts on “The song of love.

    • Yes, we got open up our heart and let the sun shine in (from Hair), I was a bit shocked that it was the second least liked poem I have written, maybe it was just too near to the nerve endings, or not harsh enough, but it was truthfully written s a love song, maybe you can change it a bit and set it to music and sing it on your blog. My wife Genevieve loved it, and was annoyed that it got so few likes, but I explained that I was not worried as I am not that worried about likes, rather that I put good poetry out there for people to read and enjoy.

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