Through A Child’s Eyes

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Through A Child’s Eyes

I lie on my back and look up to the stars; I do so every night. My momma told me that when things die, they are reborn as tadpoles in the midnight sky wriggling around for all eternity in the huge, black pond that is the universe, the one eye we can see winking and blinking forever. I haven’t always believed her, but I think I do now.

Some of the tadpoles are very fast tonight; they must be racing or something. I watch them shoot across the sky leaving white trails in the water to mark their passing. They don’t last long, so I enjoy them whilst I can.

Most nights, I only get to see a few stars but tonight the sky is full of them. I wonder if they are having a party for him, and if he’s up there singing like he…

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