Something for us all to keep in mind, especially governments!


6 thoughts on “Omission

  1. The visuals to this pair each statement with a monkey miming each gesture; i.e., monkey with a paw over their eyes; another monkey with its paws over their ears, etc. The old joke paired with this statement, found on kitschy carved-wood pieces from, say, maybe the 1950’s (guess?), adds to the end: “Have no fun!”

    • Yes I’v seen those in the Sixties and Seventies, when they were all the rage, it may even be from the 1940’s, be interesting to find out. I really liked the strong ending to this version, which would apply to us all, but it seems to me particularly at Governments! Charles.

      • Probable Asian provenance of murky origin, possibly Confucian (2-4 BCE), as well as Japanese, Buddhist, Shinto. It’s gotten around! Check out “Three Wise Monkeys” at Wikipedia. I must say, you really ARE alot of fun!

      • Thanks, rather tired fun at the moment, as have a cold, which is making me fall asleep all the time! Will look at it on Wikipedia, when I have recovered a bit. In the meantime enjoy yourself and keep well. Charles.

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