The darkness and the light.

There are no shadows

darkness levels the hollows,

uncertainties drift in,

cold begin to circulate

rains begin to fall

in the silence of space

I try to work out

where we are at,

shiver at the thought

of looking in the dark mirror,

the rains should sooth,

but the silent darkness  intercedes;

as I hang on for the light and warmth.


4 thoughts on “The darkness and the light.

    • Thank you, my work is not always that dark, maybe it was just the idea of going back to work the next day after a nice long holiday. Been enjoying reading your poems on your blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  1. I just see it as an other space; without dark overtones of dread — just quietness, and calm. Lovely. I’m glad I followed. You might regret me doing so, being very verbose, but I’m just curious. I think you have a great job! Did you write of it anywhere? I’ll look! PS – I also binge-read and comment; I hope it won’t annoy you, but if it does, let me know, and I’ll try my best to remember, if I can, not to do that!

    • Meditation takes one to that better spaces you talk about, thought and writing for me do not, and that is why I practice both. I don’t find you verbose, and I love when people are interested enough to look through at some of the old posts. Have a great time, Charles.

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