In the dark of the night.

In the dark silence of the night,

I hear a rustle I here an owl hooting,

and Nightjars circling,

calling, until a motorbike

drowns all, as it speeds

down the highway,

leaving me feeling cold and agitated,

as the owl calls again ;

all feels good.


9 thoughts on “In the dark of the night.

    • A nightjar (sorry it is one word) is a family of birds, that only flies at night, and has a plaintive sounding 6 syllable descending call, which sounds as if it could be “good Lord, deliver us.” Its scientific name is Capprimulgus pectoralis. These birds are heard rather than being seen.

    • Thanks, it was a bit of a journey, as I got the first line and did not know where to go, but took a deep breath, and as I exhaled I heard the owl the night jays and the motorbike, so it just grew from there. I wonder if the people screaming down the freeway know what a noise they are making, or even care? I have been enjoying reading on your blog, and wanted to make some comments, as I really loved the poems, but for some reason the comment section would not load. I agree, that is really amazing to be able to make a moving and meaningful statement in a few well chosen words, and you do this extremely well. If your blog allowed it I would have shared some of your latest poems, to try give them a slightly wider audience. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I know that journey! I’ve been participating in some writing prompts, but I’m not that good at writing under a deadline.The pressure messes with my muse. ๐Ÿ˜€ I posted one about the moon that I didn’t like, and now that the deadline for that prompt is over, I wrote one that feels more like “me.” Ah well, I’m going to post it in a few minutes anyway, where the old moon poem used to be. It’s called “I Am” if you want to read it. I don’t know why comments won’t load for you, I hope that issue is amended soon! Please keep trying and let me know. PS I don’t think the noise polluters care about anyone but themselves.

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