Praying Mantis.

I lay on the grass contemplating the universe,

watching the white cloudy moon roaming the sky,

the birds eyeing me as they circle into surrounding trees,

then something tickled my hand,

I looked down expecting an ant, spider or bee;

but to my thrilled amazement

it was a praying mantis,

his front legs held together in the air,

while in stillness, his eyes roamed,

his head moved as he surveyed his ecosystem,

before flitting off to a nearby bush,

and I felt so ennobled by this wonderful moment.


16 thoughts on “Praying Mantis.

    • Thanks for the comment. Praying Mantis are indeed hunters, but I doubt if a Mantis would be big enough to eat a humming bird. They are a sacred animal to the Bushmen, and appear quite often in Africa oral and myth stories as well. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  1. Wonderful writing Charles. Oh, how lucky you are to have this encounter! I’m in awe of the praying mantis. One time my friend and I saw one just chilling out on the deck rail. It was fine with us oohing over it and taking pics, but when she got too close, it jumped right in her face, then went back to mediatating on the deck rail. Ha!

    • Thank you! i enjoyed writing this poem, and was reminded of it by our conversation, and the pictures you posted. This actually believe it or not has happened several times. Maybe it is because I sit thinking and looking for hours with out moving much, maybe even the thoughts attract them. They seem to be very tolerant of us humans, only flying off if we move to suddenly or get to close to them. I liked your two wishes poems a lot, have a great weekend, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  2. That’s lovely, Charles. It’s always a treat to have a positive interaction with nature and animals. Today I saw a beautiful black with yellow stripes butterfly and got close, briefly, to it. It was spectacular. It wasn’t a tigertail, though. I’ve never seen one before like this.

    • Hi and thanks, sorry about the lack of posts, but have had a cold, and have come home from work, looked at my in box, answered a few comments and made a few and then fallen asleep at the computer! Am on hectic medication (the idea of which I hate) but will probably be back to normal soon. I hope. In the meanwhile stay well and creative, best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

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