Words sound out upon the page,

as I type to a rhythm

hoping that the sound and rhythm

come together to tell a story,

to create an emotion,

so I sit half asleep

on a wooden antique typist chair,

head bowed wondering,

if this rhythm-ed typing

would have any meaning,

would help change this troubled world,

into a better, vibrant universe,

where love, tolerance, and care

would be held dear and practiced by all,

and I could tell stories of how great life is.


6 thoughts on “Words.

    • L’Adelaide, thanks for these moving words, such comments are work a hundred likes, and I enjoyed writing it. Have been enjoying myself on your blog, I see lots of plants, and I used to design and build gardens, and am doing one for myself at the moment. How wonderful to listen to Lenard Cohen reminiscing in song about Janis Joplin, and all those wonderful old pictures; what memories it brings back, and really enjoyed the mind music too. Thanks and best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks Mother Wintermoon, wouldn’t it be awesome to tell some of the happy and great things that happen every day in the world, that we never hear about or get to read or see in our news feeds, that seem to revel in the pains of the world. I know the world is much troubled, but maybe it could improve if we also acknowledged the good happening in the world, and maybe it would lead to an essence, understanding and movement towards personal growth and improvement, which could accelerate the kind of change that the world requires. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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