Letters For My Children #4: Strength Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Being Rough

This is a wonderful letter, and I think we can all learn from it, and visit her blog to read many other really fine and meaningful pieces.

Sumyanna Writes


Okay little guy, youโ€™re almost six and I definitely hate to think that some day you will be much taller than me, but I guess growth cannot be stopped ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Today is your day, for this post is all about you. ย You have been on my mind a lot lately โ€“ you are growing so horribly fast. ย Please, stop! ย All kidding aside โ€“ย I am glad to watch you grow, to see you rush to learn as much as you can. ย You, my son, are an inspiration!

The funny thing is โ€“ I was always worried about having a boy. ย I donโ€™t exactly know why โ€“ as I did have two brothers, but it worried me โ€“ not being well versed in the ways of boys. ย I found it so much easier to keep girls entertained.ย  They love art, cooking, poetry. ย So I knew it would be easy to build aโ€ฆ

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