The story tellers tale

The story flows and people listen,

they crowd round to hear it all, some sigh

in sadness as the tail unfolds,

about a man born apart,

who did so much to help his community,

yet struggle so much in his youth,

the people were mesmerized

by the casual rhythms,

the clearness of speech,

the  incredible order of thought,

and the humanism,

and gentle humour that wove its way

through the story;

all stood chairing asking for more,

but a man in a suit came by

and recognized the the story teller,

he burst out, this man is a fool,

he lies on a hill being lazy all day

I’m surprised he can even talk to you,

ask him if he can say his alphabet,

or add a small sum,

he is such a slothful man,

do not clap him make him learn,

turn your backs on him,

and the people left,

and he stood in the space

with tears running down his

bewildered face.


6 thoughts on “The story tellers tale

    • Thanks Sumyanna, it could have been a happy story with a happy ending, it came out of our discussion of being dyslectic, and about how people look at worth, therefore, for now it had to be sad, as there is still much misunderstanding and stigma involved in being dyslectic.
      I have been slowly reading, listening to and looking at everything on your daughters web sight, and am amazed by the depth and insight put into a school project. I hope she got a very good mark for this. I still have some more ages to saver though. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Yes, she actually won the Literary Achievement Award for her work on the website. Her teacher was incredibly supportive and also surprised at how many people responded to my daughter’s emails. I guess it is because we understand how hard it can be.

        I know there is a lot of stigma around any learning disability, but know that often those who are so busy delineating people by what they cannot do, always end up missing out on just what makes a Dyslexic a wonderful and talented individual. For me, I have always used what people said I couldn’t do – to prove that they know nothing. I guess I have a bit of that fighter spirit in me 🙂 They know nothing about you. Of that I am sure. It is definitely their loss.

      • Yes, I have remained obscure, like a light house in a far off forgotten peninsular, that saves lives, and helps people with out ever getting to be known. One day thought this light house will shine a light that will be followed and loved. I am not surprised that so many people respondede to her call, if I had have known about it I would have as well, and would have been proud to have been part of a project like this, and I am sure all those that that did answer are proud too. 🙂

      • We are thinking of remaking the website during the summer. Would you be willing to answer some questions so we can also add you to the list? I know she would be honored. It might be later – but I will remember 🙂

        I think all of our voices should be heard.

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