Recreating dreams…

Plop; an insect landed next to me,

waking me up from a deep revery;

to carry on typing, letting the drift

of my dreaming soul open up,

before reality returned with a sigh.

The world was different in my haze,

there were billions of people,

but we all spoke the same language,

(one I did not recognize, but somehow knew)

we were all brothers and sisters in love

with the essence of life living in peace.

There was no destruction or arms,

the forests had grown back,

and the animals had gone back to their old migrations,

we all believed and prayed to the same God,

not worrying about the form of religion we followed,

the world we shared was green and lush,

and we all worked with it,

rather than using and abusing it.

all the walls and fences were gone,

then without any explanation

the insect woke me out of my revery,

which I decided to write,

realising full well that people

would say yes but, um, um…


6 thoughts on “Recreating dreams…

  1. What a Co incidence, sir just as I was reading this poem, you liked one on my blog. I’ll be happy if you read some more and comment about them. As an advice from a writer like will definitely help me. Talking about this poem, it was wonderfully composed!

    • Hi Nikesh, thanks for the comment (I enjoy comments more than likes. Have been onto your blog and really liked the collaborative blog on the meaning of life. Big topic, and you both had an interesting spin on the topic, so enjoyed myself. Perhaps it is simple, our purpose is to pick up Godly characteristics to help us on our travels back to our maker. Yes but that is not as easy as it looks on paper, as there are all these other things in life that are far more interesting, that is not to say though that picking up Godly characteristics is easy, it is anything but. Maybe enjoying one’s self is actually far easier. Oh dear I seem to being woffling round in circles. Will go back on another evening to read more, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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