Symphonies of the mind

Symphonies sound in the quiet midnight time,

my head buzzes with rhythms as I look out

at the dark night with the near full mottled moon

slowly moving through the humid skies,

the horns are strident,

the tympany rumbles,

I shift uneasily in my wooden chair,

my fingers scurrying over the keyboard

to capture the idea of the toanes

and polli-rhythms bouncing out

of my tired soul,

as I hang between creativity and sleep.

on the edge of rational time,

waiting for the energy to be sapped

from my struggling body,

realising that the soul and body are needed

to fight the great scourges of our time,

for the melody will sound out

brazen and heroic.


6 thoughts on “Symphonies of the mind

      • I always say, when I retire… but experience tells me we never really retire we just move on into a different set of noises and challenges. I have in the meantime started creating a writing space at the bottom of my garden, so that I can escape to write, when I retired, as I am almost 60, but might work on until 65 or more, just depending on how my body holds out.

      • I keep thinking that too… when I retire 🙂 The kids say they want me to homeschool their kids someday 🙂 Sounds like a beautiful place to write. I don’t really have anyplace in particular to write although I prefer to be on the computer (or typing – way back when). It is the only way my words get on the page fast enough. So glad you carved out your own space! Just keep at it, my friend. It is so important to hear all these differently beautiful voices. It matters.

      • Yes I love my time reading all the different works posted each day, and trying to get a poem out myself. When I started I wrote long hand, and then typed it> I only got a computer in the 1990’s! At present I write at my PC which is set up in the study, which is out smallest bedroom, so spend several happy hours a day in here.

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