Clouds gather in swirls, darken,

the moon ghosts huge through the clouds,

the wind picks up ,

parched lips look forlornly heaven ward,

as the heat sears all into browns

we all prayer haphazardly for rain,

a little drizzle falls

frustration rises,

dry river beds get losts

in the ever moving sea sand,

we boil in the shade of our despair.


13 thoughts on “Desertification.

    • Thanks, our storage dams are only on average 35% full, enough water for about another 50 days!, so very severe water restrictions. the last snow that fell here evaporated as it hit the ground, was about 35 years ago, and was the only snow on the ground in Cape Town since records began. It has snowed on Table Mountain 4 times in my life, only a thin powering, but it does snow at the tops of the mountains to the north of us about 2 hours drive away.

      • We have that here sometimes, but only so often. We mostly get a lot of snow in the mountains that later melts. We don’t get a lot of rain like other places. California has restrictions quite a bit though. So cool to see how different things can be…

      • We normally get lots of lashing rain coming in from the Atlantic ocean from May through until mid September, but no snow. For the last few years we have has unusually cold winters, with very little rain. So hopefully this year the rain will return.

      • Oh I do hope so. Drought is never easy to deal with and people already suffer enough. May the rains come, but may they be gentle on the people…

      • Yes, a lot of our suburbs are built on old wetlands, and dunes, and have no water removal apparatus, so as soon as there are big rains, many house in the poorer earners get badly flooded, and they can’t afford to replace all their spoiled things. It is terrible.

      • I have seen that. It is so disheartening to see people suffer like that – and it is usually the people who can’t really help themselves out of that situation.

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