Moving on…

I sit half asleep,

suspended between Sunday and Monday;

my mind is either still or empty

waiting to engage a new universe,

which slowly begins to spin

out of the back chambers of my imagination,

out of the stirring of the soul;

butterflies hover, then float

on the whim of a brease

up over the dividing ugly wall

into a troubled  place full of deathly vibes,

while I stay rigidly smiling, on my side,

trying to imagine if all the world could

run smoothly and we could all live in love and fellowship;

not destroying our world, each other and the splendour

that makes it up;

So I make my summer prayer for peace,

drink in the beauty that surrounds me

and slowly peel away the layers of doubt and hurt,

towards the light and warm colours of my

comfortable surroundings,

and the love of my wife, family and friends.


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