Soul Song, a poem

This is a powerful poem, which I think can speak to us all in different ways, but I feel the positivity growing in my own song from the deep…. Please enjoy.

Sumyanna Writes


Can you hear it?

It’s in the words

between the lines,

barely uttered.

It is there

rising from the page

full of meaning

crying out –

both reader and writer,


but it is there.

It is in the rising melody

of hope

spun within a song

often overtaken,


by all the noise

but later, you notice

it repeats, it echoes

and your heart finally deciphers

the phrased lines

and remembers its meaning.

Shadows may have

grow long over your heart

but now, aware –

you rise and sing.

And as you are singing,

the sound becomes

the words to your own story.

(c) Sumyanna 2017

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