They Won’t Let You Breathe, a poem

Sumyanna Writes


What can you do when
the problem is,
you are seen
as part of the problem.
Even though your hands
hold warmth,
not steel –
you wield no weapon.
Your eyes see beauty
beyond the lines
of backyard fences
beyond the
miles and miles that span
and though many
never understand,
they walk away
assured –
they’ve got you pegged
they know your soul
It is never easy
to wear the skin
that others wish
to drape across your back
when you know –
that is not me
it is not me
but your voice
has been harshly silenced
and they have
turned their backs.
How often,
do you find yourself
lost in your own thoughts,
alone in a world
of your own imagination
because the world
that you live in
just won’t let you breathe.

© Sumyanna 2016

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