In and out of reality,

words appear with surprising speed,

as I sit struggling

not  to lose consciousness,

thinking in spiralled reveries

about a shattered number of things,

wondering when the world will

come into equilibrium

that we may all feel better

with clear heads

write poems of love

in our staggering universe.


9 thoughts on “Endings.

  1. Lovely poem. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever happen, therefore, we must write poems of love in spite of the never ending violence and hatred that surrounds us.

    • You are probably right, and we will have to anyway no matter what, but as a Baha’i I believe that the world and its people are in their teen years, and fractious, but adulthood is come for the human race, which should help improve the world and peoples interdependence and love for each other, though realistically speaking I doubt whether that would be in our lives.

    • You are most assuredly right, hence the poems that I write. However as I Baha’i I believe a lot of our troubles are caused by the fact that mankind is spiritually in our teen years and rather fractious, but our spiritual adulthood is coming , when things will start to sort out. Unfortunately I doubt whether this will be in our lifetime, but hopefully before we destroy ourselves and our planet. Thanks for your very kind comment, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  2. Lovely. There are so many beautiful things to celebrate, it is sad to see So much energy spent in seemingly celebrating the bad. So much work to do… For good. It only sidetracks us. Fabulous poem.

    • Thanks Sumyanna, it is true that there are many things to celebrate, and often we either do not get to hear or experience them. I just wanted to write a poem, and I had nearly lost consciousness twice during the day, both times having to sit down and concentrate on breathing exercises to be able to carry on. as I did not really have any idea what to write I started out gingerly from that point, and then the poem just grew of its own accord. I was a bit afraid that people would find it wishy-washy, but Genevieve on reading it the next day said it was very good so I was pleased to have posted it.

      • Thanks Sumyanna, I think my health generally has not been that good sine the spider bite, it is probably the all the poisons and pills they made me take making their way out of the my system properly. I may have to step back from my blog even more, as my manager says I care more about my blog and my poetry than I do about work. She says my tiredness and inability to do the work is solely due to lack of sleep. Actually I put in a very good day of work, maybe one day she will see this!

      • Try your best to do what you can to get it out of your system. Although I’ve not been bitten by a spider, I do know what it is like to have the body assaulted by medicines (for a short while anyway). There is a lot of information you can find online about ways to do this (naturally) and it does take quite a long time to do it, but if you keep at it things will improve.

        Yes. So easy for some to just condemn without a thought, but sadly if they were in the same situation, they would hope for understanding. Keep at it, things will improve!

      • Have start natural therapies and to do more exercises a few weeks ago, I think it is slowly helping. I have scaled back a bit, certainly with my actual writing, but it will improve as time goes by..

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