A dream with music.

Clouds pile high,

dark, boiling, restless,

and the music flows over me

soothing the images

seeping into rain,

I wake up to the heat

of a blue sky,

and the music carries on.


7 thoughts on “A dream with music.

    • and it actually all happened. We are in the midst of a terrible drought out here, and the day was incredibly hot (35C). Had been to the music shop and bought a wonderful cd called Winds of Samsara by South African Wouter Kellerman and India’s Ricky Kej, which is wonderful, however as I was listening to it I fell asleep, and had the cloud dream, waking up to the heat and the music. I really enjoyed writing it up, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks Sumyanna, I had just bought a wonderful cd, called Winds of Samsara, by South African flautist Wouter Kellerman and India composer musician and producer Ricky Kej, I fell asleep (no negative comment on this wonderful music) and hadn the dream of the clouds, and when I awoke the the sun shone and it was an incredibly hot day (35C) and the music was still playing. I enjoyed writing up the scene, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Hi Nikesh, thanks for the comment. This actually happened it was a public holiday out here in Cape Town, and I had been to the music store to buy some cd’s, and was sitting in a chair listening to an excellent cd \I had bought by Indian composer, musician and producer Ricky Kej and South African flautist and composer Wouter Kellerman called Winds of Samsara. I Fell asleep during one of the tracks (not a comment on the wonderful music) and had this dream of clouds boiling and ready to rain (we are experiencing a drought over here) and then I woke up to the music and the blue sky of a blistering hot day! so I wrote it into a wee poem, and loved writing it. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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