A rustle in the trees.

All the leaves are browning,

drifting on the breeze,

the sun shines bright,

as we walk into the church,

bowing before the cross,

and my cell phone goes off;

I look and see that on

that day of splendor,

the biggest bomb since Hiroshima

has been dropped in Afghanistan:

and I think; should I be here,

celebrating God’s gift to us,

when other Christians are killing

people in poor countries,

who also worship the same God,

I feel the breeze

and see the wonderful stained glass windows,

and tune into the service,

and smile and hug all the people around me,

but feel bad, because today like most

other days families lost their loved ones

for no real reason.

I put money into the offering bag,

and sing the hymns with great gusto,

but I think of all the treachery

all the greed,

and all the hatred in the world

and in the silence pray that the

wickedness and wrong doing

leave the world,

so that it can survive,

and be a better place,

for us all.



11 thoughts on “A rustle in the trees.

    • Yes, it is a great shame that things like this happen in such a special time of year. It seems more and more innocent people are getting caught up in unnecessary wars and destruction.

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