Earth day prayer.

I walk in splendour of green trees,

of flowers blooming bright ,

of butterflies and birds up in the blue skies,

of our mountains majestic and high,

I stop to just drink it in,

to feel and understand,

but then too I see the creeping

browns of struggle and death,

and I realise how easily our

beautiful planet is destroyed

by our uncaring,

our lack of love and understanding,

and still I stand praying for our earth

and rains, which we so badly need.


11 thoughts on “Earth day prayer.

    • One hopes, but at the moment, we have had still windless days in the 30 C’s for nearly two weeks now, and with water restrictions in place the dune soil is showing through and the plant life is dying., apparently a small chance of rain on Wednesday evening.

      • It is very nice and cool; even cold over night, but then the heat kicks in, so one starts the day with a jersey, but soon take it off until somewhere round 6 pm, then it gets pout back on. Strange weather!

      • We have the same here. It gets cold at night and in the morning, but by midday it is too hot that you open the windows or turn on a fan 🙂

      • Had good rains on Wednesday, and has been cool since, but the heat returns tomorrow, when it will be 36C, but there might be rain again on Sunday.

      • Some late snow, I remember being in Greece in late May, and it snowing as far south as Crete. Only the 4th time in my life that I have experienced an actual snow storm. Sorry about taking so long to reply, but my memory cards broke down, so have not had a computer since Sunday, but got a good lot of book reading done.

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