It Does Matter

Journeys in Spirit

Words are so much more than mere symbols, and they’re so much stronger than the simplicity of speaking suggests. Words are sacred vessels that carry the soul of whomever speaks them; they’re precious ewers that hold energy, feeling, and intent.

A collection of words is like a pantheon of gods – each one ethereal, immortal, effectual, and powerful. A single word, once spoken, lives on forever. A single word holds the power to harm and to heal, to create and destroy. A single word has the capacity to translate thought into form, to open entire dimensions of possibility, or to abruptly close the door.

Words are like magic – an ancient and particularly powerful sort – but what kinds of spells are we collectively casting?

It’s clear when you look at billboards, magazines, and computer screens that we’ve traded clarity for speed, and we’ve sacrificed our love of meaning for…

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