We walked on down the

long road out of Clovelly,

past the cat lady,

me dragging behind,

looking at all the plants, birds and animals,

Father kept on asking me to keep up,

and then I would see,

something else of interest,

looking round at it

I stubbed my toe on the uneven pavement

and began to howl;

father was exasperated,

mother kissed it better,

and started to carry me.

Soon I was walking again,

and saw there was a huge crowd

looking from the Main road out to sea,

so we crossed the road,

and there to my delight

was a huge mother

Southern Right whale

and her baby basking

just off the rocks, we watched in awe,

along with all the other people,

and the pain of my stubbed toe was gone.

We began to trudge back to Oupa’s house,

my father complaining that he had a loskop

for a son, who mooned around all day,

and was forever falling and stubbing his toe,

mother interjected that it was

wonderful that I

was so interested in

the world around me.


My father’s side of the family was of Dutch/ German extraction, so we called his father Oupa (Grandfather). Loskop is Afrikaans slang for a dreamer!



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