Poetry and me.

Writing slowly began to creep

haphazardly onto fresh white pages,

during the last year of junior school.

I had always liked writing,

even if my spelling was atrocious,

my writing slow and laboured,

but it was in high school

that my earliest existent poems

were written, getting me yet

more hours of detention;

as I was told writing poems would never

help me pass my finals.

So each afternoon I would have to stay in

and write an essay on the set topic,

for which I had automatically written a poem,

without even a second thought.

Still I write poems after all this time;

since 1972! and still I write them,

without a second thought,

sometimes even letters,

(do you still remember them)

came out in the form of poems.

When I was 14 one of

my father’s work colleagues,

asked me what I would like to be when I grew up;

without a second thought I said loudly,

(which was uncommon of me)

a poet.

to which my father said

” one day he will stop day dreaming.”




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