The land was white,

it was extremely cold,

and My father stopped the car

at the side of the road,

we got out to play in the snow,

having a snowball fight;

then freezing, getting back into our car,

a Rover 90 filled to the hilt,

with two suitcases stacked

one on top of the other,

between my sister Anne and I:

We drove off, and the door,

which opened forewards, suddenly burst open,

My mother and I both grabbed Anne,

so that she did not get sucked out.

Father stopped the car,

and we had to tie the door closed

as the hinges had been bent,

and could not find one of Anne’s

special built up shoes,

which had come off

with the force of door opening.

We travelled on to my Grandfather’s farm

Wyford for our winter holiday,

and father had to have the door fixed,

and I had nightmares for years

afterwards of falling out of a fast moving car.


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