Stumbling the alphabet!

At junior school, older boys used to

tease me as I could not say my alphabet;

which I knew, but could not get out,

as verbally I also mixed up letters,

so when I started A, p, c,..

it just ended up a shambles,

I was soon the but of many

barbed comments,

and got new names like dwarlers,

thicky, nutcase and many more.

Sometimes the teacher were equally

harsh, one beating me over

the left hand repeatedly for making mistakes

and for writing with the left hand,

until the hand was so damaged that

I could no longer hold a pen or pencil in it.

I remember once during PT class,

us playing soccer with the class above us,

and me tackling one of the great sports stars,

and coming away with the ball,

he never heard the end of this,

wow you were tackled by Dwarlers,

that useless thicky.

Strange, all of it,

as I was seldom outside of the

top three in my class academically,

but that is how dyslexia works,

with all my work coming back with

a huge amount of red pen

showing the huge number of

spelling mistakes!



15 thoughts on “Stumbling the alphabet!

  1. Can’t press ‘like’ because of the terrible cruelty and that teacher…I don’t even know where to begin. Kids are mean and nasty. My father-in-law was beaten in school until he started writing with his right hand as well. I’m really sorry you had to endure that treatment but you ended up being a writer/poet so YAY for you.

    • Thanks, and yes it was a rather cruel poem to like. It was experiences like these that made me carry on, just to show all my detractors that they were wrong. It also made me realise what a terrible and unfulfilling world was, and made me turn my back on it, and turn instead to writing and helping others. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks, Julia, I had to in a way, to show my detractors that I wasn’t the fool that they thought I was. It was an experience which turned me against the mens world and all it stood for, turning me to look instead to help others, rad widely and write. I have just been on your blog and enjoyed my time there a lot, the poems certainly show just how terrible our societies have become. Best wishes and and blessings, Charles.

      • In a sense, doing what we need to do is the most courageous thing any of us can do, and to have it bring us to a place of helping others is the most profound response. And this you have done and are doing.
        Yes, our world is certainly reeling on so many fronts. It’s our collective challenge to show the WE aren’t the fools they take us for, either, and we will simply help –– one person, one situation, one written piece at a time. Keep writing, Charles! And thanks for visiting my site today. Blessings to you, too.

    • Thanks Dwight, it was a situation that I was in, and I hated school, so was often sick, which helped, and then I had a lot to prove, so just got on with my life and tried to forget Had some very good friends in my class who helped as well. Dedicated myself to helping others, research, reading and writing.

  2. I did 20 daily spellings, and repetitive copying out words that were constantly wrong, thank goodness for iPads and at Uni programs to help with structure, colour coding and writing planning tools and grammerly 🙃

    • I often had to stay behind for detention to learn how to spell; the old biddie did not seem to understand what dyslexia was, and was determined that I could get better if she punished me more! All these modern aids are helpful, but often my spelling is so bad that it can’t cope with it, so I have to go and ask my poor wife Genevieve how to spell the word!

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