The Struggle

This is definitely something that we all need to work and improve on, and something really worth while to prayer and meditate upon. How great would the world be without the scourge of racism.

Natalia's 2 cents

I don’t have the words to even begin to express the deep sadness in my soul, but I will try. I cry at the state of our world and wonder will things ever get better? Will people see there is power in the action as well as inaction?

I personally feel that now days it is just as unsafe for African-Americans then ever before. Bigotry and racism has been the number one hazard to our health. Open abuse of power in the justice system has become the norm.

A routine traffic stop or the false inkling of “a threat” another life is lost. Society has this arrogant attitude that some of us are untouchable. While families are being torn apart by senselessness and pure hatred.

As an African-American woman I have to remind my daughters (19 and 11) daily to ALWAYS stay in prayer, aware of your surrounds, and be safe…

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2 thoughts on “The Struggle

    • Yes, and there are many that need it; all to many. There are so many people who need to change their way of thinking, and so many that have to suffer from this hatred, who live in fear. Thanks for the comment, and wonderful to hear from you again, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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