In The Middle Of Things: Dance!

Sirena Tales

(Sculpture: Gil Boro)

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.  Dance in the middle of the fighting.  Dance in your blood.  Dance when you’re perfectly free.”~Jalaluddin Rumi

“How cool and beautiful to have dance spring up in the middle of things!”  That was a comment of an audience member after we danced recently in a pop-up performance as part of a street event, amidst strollers and people dining outside and shopkeepers.

My sentiments, too.

After arranging and dancing in several such performances this summer, I am more convinced than ever of the magic and power of weaving dance and other art into everyday life.  Spreading creativity and beauty, especially in unexpected places, helps expand our perspective. And fire up those synapses that might be dulled by the mundane.

Whether dancing next to the Farmer’s Market or in a sculpture garden, on the sidewalks in front…

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6 thoughts on “In The Middle Of Things: Dance!

  1. Public dancing would be good for everyone. Ease the tension, be fun and get to know others…the perfect thing. Fun to watch and fun to do. People don’t do as many fun things as they should, that’s why they’re tired and crabby. LOL Dancing could fix that.

    • I would agree, it would be amazing, and bring people together in new friendships and new understandings. Here we have some outdoor stages at Maynardville park and Kirstenbosch botanic gardens at which dance and ballet take place in summer, but both are very expensive to attend, where as this seemed to be free. I suppose there was some kind of sponsorship found to pay the costs?

      • Thanks so much for reblogging and for your support of the fabulous, healing power of dance…especially in public places. Yes, these performances were all free. I wish I could say there has been solid sponsorship, but alas there has generally been little or no compensation for us. I hope that may change, but in the meantime will continue to share my passion for dancing as a gift. Again, many thanks. “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”~Pina Bausch

      • A pleasure, I love dance in all its forms, and know that it is very difficult to get sponsorship for dance (what a shame), and it seems it is more difficult to get sponsorship for anything at the moment. This is partially why dance is so expensive to watch, but I love it.

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