The cursor of dreams.

I blink and the screen blinks back at me.

I sit half in sleep and the cursor wont stop flashing,

I rack my brains as the screen is still blank,

wondering if words and stories will appear,

maybe a dream or some stirring image

rushing out of the depth of my imagination,

but still the cursor blinks at me and I blink back,

shell shocked with blankness,

I struggle to get these few words down,

then in guilt I realise that while I wait vainly

for a story, the world is passing me by,

and several more species have gone extinct,

cruel droughts and withering storms have

wrenched households,

and the world has suffered alarms,

as governments and business try to squeeze

yet more out of our ailing world,

and I have disturbed dreams of chaos

and a cursor which won’t stop blinking at me.


4 thoughts on “The cursor of dreams.

  1. Amazing poem. So true, we often forget that or worries are often less difficult than the plight of others. Hope your words return to you soon… Or have they, in the lines of this poem 🙂

    • I forced myself to write that poem, it took a long and agonising time, and I have not written one since; it just seems like I am struggling at the moment, but it will come back, hopefully soon.

    • thanks mother wintermoon, I too hope that I find more words to share. I like your phrase word artistry, as I try to create pictures with my poems. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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