What if…

This is great, for indeed, we badly need to look at all these and other what if’s, if we as a species and all the other life forms arround us are to survive.

Rethinking Life

Portrait, People, Darkness, Art

What if…we are more than we seem to be?

What if…when we kill other living beings, we are killing ourselves?

What if…other living beings are here to help us but our gigantic ego riddled brains, won’t allow us to see that?

What if…we admit that nothing is as it seems?

What if…we admit that we don’t know anything for sure?

What if…the people who are held down…are held down because they are the answer?

What if…white males had no power?

What if men had no power?

What if…the killing/violence stopped?

What if…kindness, instead of greed, was what we moved toward?

What if…we cared for the planet?

What if…hate didn’t exist?

What if…we cared enough about children to make the world a better place?

What if…equality existed

What if…

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4 thoughts on “What if…

    • Pleasure, don’t get much time for the net, now days, but always love to see what you have been posting. Keep up the great and interesting flow of ideas and creativity; change the world. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks, and sorry to have taken so long to reply, I was so worn out htat I have not touuched my computer for over a week, but now am back at last. Best wishes and blessings Charles.

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