Words; towards a new age.

The New year has come, and hopefully it will be a better year for us all, and for the world at large. It seems that an ever larger number of animals and plants, are moving towards extinction, but people are now aware of these plights, so maybe this will be the year during which some of these losses will be reversed, and perhaps out of the ashes of our greed new growth will appear, and peoples will start to move away from hate, greed and destruction, and move towards a new age of love, fellowship, sharing and caring. As a society we need to bring God back into our lives with a full understanding of his wishes, with more time for prayer, and community within the greatnes of his message. If people truly understand and follow his word, the world would be a better place for all, and there would be no place for greed, hate and destruction. Often mans past interpretation of the words of God have been flawed, which has lead us to the edge of this presuppose. Have a great year, be strong, investigate, think and read. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


2 thoughts on “Words; towards a new age.

    • Hi Charlotte, thanks, it is good see that you are still busy. I used to write artists Bio’s for them, great fun. For the normal bio there was a bit much verbidge, and repitition, other wise it was fine. I went to see Trial by jury at the old court in St. Albans, so the action and singing took place all around one, what fun it was. I nhave had trouble of late trying to write comments on your blog, it jsut seems to disappear, when I write a comment. Hope to speak again soon. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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