Just a thought…

Here is a thought: I have been reading the National Geographic magazine on racism and difference, particularly in the Unitted State of America, but also here in Africa, amongst other places. It kept on about labling people, and in the aftermath of Apartheid, we here in South Africa are all to keen to lable people acording to race, religion and sex. My thought is that if we want a free and equal society, we need to do away with these lables, or change them, as so many of them have astigmatisms attached to them. It seems there are Afro-Americans, Native Americans etc., then there are whites or Europeans? It seems to me that the term Euro-Americans (in keeping with all the other terms) should be used to describe People of European or white descent, and here in Africa, they should be turmed Euro-Africans!

It seems that all official documents have this race field in them, which is obligatory to fill in. Maybe, people should just be seen as people, and this field should be dropped from these documents.  Just a thought for discussion?


16 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. Labels, unless on a bottle of poison, or goods, food, etc., should be abolished. Labels for people are all bad in one way or another, including the supposedly complimentary ones. Labels divide and are just one more way to put people into boxes and control them.

    • Thanks for the comment, I feel strongly that we should not lable people, but if we do then every one should havea similar lable. Have been enjoying reading your blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  2. Nobody should have labels… we are all just people. It’s those who rule and enslave people who stick labels on us… it’s suits their destructive cause. They talk about racism being wiped out and a peaceful world, but behind our backs they create even more of divide. In the meantime, we, the ordinary people have fewer divisions between us than ‘they’ claim we have.

    • I would agree, but race stairs one down all the time. Here, eventhough all are free and can combine in any way and live anywhere, there is still lots of violence, and the understanding of the indignities of race are paper thin, with many having the idea that all is fine, so long as my ideas and way of life is not compromised. After 25 years, other than the laws, not much has changed I’m afraid, so lables live on: I try noit to use them, but am still talked about as a wishy- washy liberal whitey!

    • P.S. I thought by creating this lable, it would help all people be more equal, and shock peolpe of European decent, particularly over here and in the USA into realizing what they are doing. Our world has a long journey to travle before love and peace for all will be universal. But I hope and pray we can all get there.

  3. I came over to thank you for following my blog, but as I looked around, I had to stop and read this article. I agree 100% that we should drop that race window on forms of all kinds. So many of our governments over the decades have kept us looking at differences. During the last administration in the U. S. that process reached a peak it had not seen previously. There as a push during Obama’s years in office to focus almost forcefully on the differences in every race and culture. But we as citizens of these nations are the ones who must take a stand and try to put a stop to this. The question is not why are Europeans not called Euro-Americans. The question is WHY

    • I accidentally hit the enter key and sent this in before it was finished, so I’ll try again. 🙂
      The big question is WHY is ANYONE desirous of being called by their old nationality? If they have come to America — or to Africa — because they believe it is a better place for them to live than their former nation, then they should want to be Americans — or Africans, as the case may be. We should not be identifying ourselves as Afro-American, Native-Americans, Hispanic-American, or Euro-Americans, etc. If we all worked together to focus on our Americanism — or Africanism — and stopped trying to be divided in our identity and our loyalty — a lot of the emotional baggage connected with that situation would melt away. And as as result of the emotional balance, a lot of the social issues would dissolve away as well or be easily rectified. Well, that’s my two-cents’ worth, and at least I got it all in before hitting the Enter key again. 🙂

      • Great, I think you are absolutely right, if only we could get there. It seems that Government and other institutions, including banks, are completely comitted to keeping these titles, and so long as this carries on I can’t see this problem improving, though I pray it would. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Yes I total agree and get this. I have tried not filling in this section, or writing over it that this should no longer be necessary, but I am always in the ned forced to fill it in. I do write a protest note with it each time, and I have often written letters to the local papers about this, but still nothing changes.

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