… sometimes …

no words come through the gloom

of our burning mountains,

causing the deep red glow of evensong


the mind wonders to find a better place,

and the breeze tugs gently on the trees,

coolness lifts the spirit, and there I am

thinking of you my dearest,

escaping the heat and the darness of our existence,

the greed and the misunderstandings,

the misery, all vanish in a smile

of knowing and loving you,

walking off to find you for

a hug and a kiss to guard us against

the crumbling future.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes.

    • Thanks, and sorry i have taken so long to answer, but went onto your blog, and as per usual there was so much of interest there that I forgot to return here to write this. It started out as an experiment and then became a poem, which I really enjoyed writing, especially, as I am not finding much time to write at the moment. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks it was our 10th wedding aniversary on Thursday the 7th, and wrote it as a gesture towards that, I wrote other poems, but never put them on the internet as they were private poems, just for Genevieve, who is starting to blossom and make a great comeback from all her ailments.

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