Midnight whimper.

It’s after midnight.

I sit alone,


as despite the fact

that the world

is such a mess,

and a 16-year-old

schoolgirl stood up a second time

to tell the world

what the youth thinks of

the mess we have made of this world,

I can not think of anything to write about.

what courage, and how necessary it was,

yet timidly in my veil of sleep,

I slowly write for a new universe;

one in which we will all be wiser,

and spread love like we meant it.

11 thoughts on “Midnight whimper.

    • Yes, I’m ashamed to say that I was going to march on last friday, but cried off because of rain ( which actually fell later in the day anyway!). I see the people who do not believe in climate change and many top organisations are spread a smare campaign again this brave young women, how low can they go, how terrible. thanks for the comment, and hope all is going well with you, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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