On topology II.

Shyly the sun peaks out between houses, flickering through the huge old tree, warming me, as I sit watching it start its daily journey; growing in the spirit of this hot summers day.

Natures song

and if I feel a song rizing through the cool mist bringing sustenance to the parched world around my cooled smiling face, then I know that my garden and I are twining into a soul world of song and dance, and I feel the soul rise as the leaves begin to perk up from their…

Something new

Sorry! It has been several weeks since I added anything onto my blog, or even looked at it. First my email account which I was using to keep intouch, broke down, so need to attach my blog to a new one. Which I will soon do. Then work has taken its toll, with us working…

The light of day.

The big moon lights the way down the garden steps into the dream world of hopes, under the great tree with its dark silhouette bringing unease; the moon slowly fades into a cloud, the future looks for a halo, as men kill all certainty in the light of day.

About a poem.

Words have there own power, sentence can be interpreted in many ways, poems have their own feelings, as they roll out a universe; rolling in rhythms, to vibrate towards knowledge and understanding within the breaking grandeur of our planet, a beautiful blue dot somewhere in the immensity of our ever expanding universe.  

I want to…a poem

Originally posted on Rethinking Life:
I want to write about happy things about beauty and freedom and joy I want to write about the pretend America the one that never existed but should have I want to write about equality and peaceful things I want to write that women and children are safe and that…